Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Looking for a good book to read? Start with Novelist

Have you ever finished an amazing book and had no idea what to read next?

This happens to me all the time! I ask for suggestions from friends, but a lot of times I want to find a new book myself.

Novelist is a library database that is packed with great resources to help you find a great book.

From our website, scroll over the "research" tab and click on "databases". Scroll down to "Novelist" or "Home Access to Novelist". If you are at home, use your library card to log on!

One way to get started is to type in a book that you liked into the "find" bar and hit "search"...

OR you can scroll down to your age level and click on one of the lists!

Talk to one of the librarians if you'd like to have a quick demo!