Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Two Guessing Jar Winners in One Day!

Today we had TWO Guessing Jar winners stop in to get their prizes on the same day!

Congratulations to Mira, who had the closest guess as to how many candy Lego pieces were in our Guessing Jar!  Mira chose a bubble blowing machine as her prize!

AND Congratulations to David, who chose a stuffed turtle as his prize.  He had the closest guess regarding how many gummy worms were in the Guessing Jar.

This week, kids are guessing on how many pairs of sandals are on a beach blanket in the Guessing Jar.  Come on in and make your estimate, and you might be the next winner!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

We've Reached our Second Reading Goal!

You did it Watertown!  So far you've read 1,328 hours, which puts us well past our second goal of 1,250 hours! And you know what that means...

We're donating HONEYBEES to Heifer International!

Thanks to all of your reading and generosity, we've been able to donate tree saplings AND honeybees!  And if you keep reading, we'll donate ducklings and, if we hit our grand total goal, a llama!

So keep reading and keep coming to the library to log your hours.  Haven't signed up yet for Summer Reading?  Don't worry, there's still time!  You can sign up anytime until August 21st.  So keep reading!

Monday, July 15, 2013

We Have a New Winner!

Congratulations to Robert, our newest Guessing Jar winner!

Robert, age 8, had the nearest guess as to how many ice cream spoons were in our guessing jar.  He chose his prize, a baseball and bat!

There are still plenty more chances to win!  This week, you can guess how many candy lego pieces are in our jar.  You can stop in and guess anytime the library's open, and maybe you'll be next week's winner!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

WE DID IT! We're donating Trees!

Congratulations Watertown!

So far, the kids of Watertown have read for 649 hours!  And that means we've reached our first goal, and we'll be donating tree saplings to Heifer International!

Heifer International will give tiny fruit trees to a farmer who needs help getting plants for his or her farm.  These trees will grow fruit which will feed the farmer's family, and might even be enough for them to sell.

By reading 649 hours, the kids of Watertown have both improved their reading fluency AND helped someone else in need!  Way to go guys!

Our next goal is 1250 hours, when we'll donate honeybees!  Keep reading!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our first guessing jar winner!

Congratulations to Mason, our very first Guessing Jar winner of 2013!

Summer Reading's off to an amazing start!  Kids are reading and logging their hours, and our programs and events are tons of fun!  And of course, we've had our first winner of our weekly guessing jar!

Our first week, kids were trying to estimate how many chocolate covered seeds were in a small gardening bucket.  There were 332 seeds, and Mason had the closest guess!  So he got to choose a prize, and he chose a water cannon which will be perfect for these hot July afternoons!

Don't worry, there will still be lots of chances for YOU to win a prize!  Each week we'll have something different to guess, and each week the child with the closest estimate will get to pick a prize.  This week we're trying to guess how many dinosaurs are in our jar.  You can guess every time you come to the library, so you  could increase your chances by visiting us more often!

And don't forget, if you haven't signed up for Summer Reading yet, there's still time!  Come in during any of our open hours and start logging your hours to help us donate plants and animals - and, if we read enough, a LLAMA! - to Heifer International!