Monday, November 24, 2014

Get through holiday travel with great free apps

Chances are, this won't last the whole trip.

Traveling for the holidays and terrified about how you'll get through the car ride or flight? Of course, books and audiobooks are excellent choices to pass those long hours. But we also get lots of questions about apps for iPads and various electronic entertainment devices. There are tons of high quality apps out there that do more for their kids than merely occupy their time.

We research great apps through review journals, online reviews, and recommendations from other librarians and educators. We make many wonderful apps available on our circulating devices, and we give families a chance for hands-on exploration at our Digital Story Time programs. Most of the apps on our devices do cost money, but you have an opportunity during our programs to try them before you buy them.

Looking for something to download with no commitment? Here are some wonderful apps that are FREE to download!

PBS Kids Video by PBS Kids – Ages 5 and under

Toontastic Jr. Pirates Puppet Theater – Ages 5 and under

Felt Board – Mother Goose on the Loose by Software Smoothie – Ages 5 and under

Colors That Luli Loves by Michael Kariv – Ages 18mo-5 years

Jackie Junko by Springy Thingy – Ages 3-7

How Far is UP by E Sargeant – Ages 4-6

Chewing Gum Adventures by Happy Ink Publishing – Ages 4-7

Shout Science by Scott Dubois – Ages 7-11

Bill Nye the Science Guy by Disney – Ages 7-10

And as always, feel free to come on in and ask us for even more ideas.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Learn Basic Bike Maintenance at the Library!

Do you know how to grease the wheels of your bicycle? Do you know how much tire pressure your wheels should have? What do you do if you get a flat tire?

Learn how to tackle these common problems and more at our Bicycle Repair program THIS Wednesday, November 12, at 3:30pm. Families with children in grades 2 and up are invited to bring their bikes and try their hand at basic bike maintenance. We'll have a wonderful teacher from Landry's Bicycle to give you all sorts of tips and tricks to keep your bike running smoothly.

This program does require registration, but there's still space so stop in or call us at 617-972-6435 to sign up. If you want to bring your own bicycle and have a way to get it here, please do! (You are still welcome to attend if you can't bring your bike.)

Don't miss this chance to tune up your bike now so it's ready to ride when springtime comes!