Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Awesome Job Summer Readers!

On Wednesday, August 20, we held our Summer Reading Wrap-Up Party! We started the afternoon with an awesome hula hoop performance with Boston Hoop Troop. Then we had a party, complete with cake, taking home reading logs, banner-making, and prizes.

Also that afternoon, we found out the total number of hours that we all read together this summer.

Congratulations! We did it! We read a total of 3,378 hours, putting us well above our 3,000 hour goal!  And you know what that means...

We were able to donate a goat to Heifer International! Throughout the course of the summer, you read enough to donate a flock of geese, honeybees, rabbits and, of course, a goat! You made a big difference in the world and helped families all over the globe.

So Summer Reading is finished for now, but you can definitely keep reading! We'll keep the Summer Reading books available until school starts, so you've still got time to check out some of the great books on the grade-level lists. And if you haven't taken it home yet, you can stop in anytime during our open hours to pick up your reading log. If you bring it to school with you at one of the Watertown elementary schools, you'll get to participate in a special event for summer readers.

Congratulations to all of you Summer Readers!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Last 3 Days of Summer Reading!

We are so close!

There are only three days left to log your hours for Summer Reading! So far we've read a little over 2700 hours, which means we're super close to our goal of 3000 hours. If we can read and record just a few hundred more hours, then we'll be able to donate a goat to Heifer International, which will help families in need by providing milk and fertilizer. So stop in anytime we're open in the next few days and stamp your log so your reading counts!

In addition to your reading logs, you won't want to miss the fun programs we've got planned to wrap up this year's summer.


9:30 and 11:00 a.m. - Nursery Rhyme Time. Nursery rhymes, stories, songs, and fingerplays for newborns through pre-walkers.

10:15 a.m. - Family Concert with Ben Rudnick and Friends! Ben is an award-winning and acclaimed bilingual musician whose jazzy tempos will get the whole family dancing! For ages 5 and under.

3:30 p.m. - Fizz, Boom, Books! Kids entering grades K-3 in the fall will share science-y books and do an experiment with paper planes.


2:15 p.m. - Boston Hoop Troop and Wrap-Up Party!
THIS is the big event you've all been waiting for! We'll have an amazing hula hoop demonstration with Boston Hoop Troop, then we'll find out how many total hours we've read so far. Do you think we'll read enough to donate a goat? Come on Wednesday to find out! If we make it to our goal, we'll celebrate with some delicious cake.

You won't want to miss it!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

2000 Hours Means: Bunnies!!

Congratulations Watertown readers, you've been reading so much this summer that we've surpassed our third goal!  You've read over 2000 hours - 2,136 to be exact - and you know what that means.  We get to donate rabbits to Heifer International!

In addition to being adorable and sweet, rabbits can be incredibly helpful to families around the world.  It's possible to collect rabbit fur, kind of like collecting sheep fur, and weave it together to make fabric.  Bunny poo is also wonderful fertilizer for crops on a farm.  Plus, rabbits reproduce really quickly, so families who receive rabbits can share their rabbits' offspring with friends, family, and neighbors.  This is a gift that can help an entire community!

Amazing work you guys, and keep reading!  There's only about two weeks left of Summer Reading, and we've still got about 1000 hours to go to be able to donate a goat.  So read, and come in to log those hours.

Haven't signed up yet?  Don't worry, there's still plenty of time to make your reading count.  Just come on in during our open hours and sign up for your own reading log.

Plus, don't forget, on Wednesday, August 20, we'll have our great big Wrap-Up Party at 2:15pm!  We'll kick-off the celebration with an amazing performance by Boston Hoop Troop, a talented hula hoop group.  Then we'll find out if we read enough to donate a goat, and we'll celebrate with some delicious cake.  See you there!