Monday, November 21, 2011

Play is more than just play...

You probably already know about our play area here in the Children's Room. It's a wonderful place to hang out with other families, and the space provides a great opportunity for little ones to interact with each other.

But did you know that the activities in this area are about more than just entertainment? Each activity is also designed to help develop your child's early literacy skills!

Young children learn through play. Their education begins long before they enter school as they constantly gather skills and knowledge through every interaction with their family members, their friends, their toys, and their environment. Their brains are constantly making new connections as they look at things, touch objects, ask questions, and try things out.

When you spend time in our play area, remember that you can use this space to facilitate even more learning with your child. Identify shapes, colors, and the names of objects. Ask them questions. Get them to tell you stories. You'll be helping them learn the precursors to what they'll eventually expand upon in school. Playful interaction with you in a stimulating environment is the best way for your child to learn and grow!

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