Friday, March 30, 2012

The Language Collection’s in a New Spot!

Looking for books in languages other than English? We recently moved them to a much more prominent and noticeable part of the library! Now they’re on the shelves facing the picture books, on the other side of the graphic novels.

We’ve also focused the collection on fewer languages – Armenian, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish – since these are the languages we have the most resources for. You’ll also find our books in Braille over here. Don’t worry, we still have books in other languages. They’ve just moved to the nonfiction section (look for them with a Dewey Decimal number in the 400’s).

We’ve also added a brand new section: the Language Learning collection! Interested in helping your child learn a new language? You’ll find dictionaries, activity books, and DVD’s. We’ve even purchased a brand new set of Muzzy Language Courses!

Be sure to stop in and check it out!

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