Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Early Literacy Tip: Read to Your Sleeping Baby

Parents of infants, did you know that you can read to your baby while they sleep?

At our most recent Nursery Rhyme Time programs on Tuesday, we handed out an Early Literacy Tip about reading to your baby while he or she is sleeping.

Do you find that your baby can't make it through a whole book without falling asleep?  Don't worry, just keep reading!  When infants are very young, their brains react the same way to common noises whether they are asleep or awake.  When you read to your baby, the part of his or her brain that's responsible for developing language is incredibly active, and that activity even happens when he or she is sleeping.  So read away!

A study written about in NewScientist during the summer of 2011 found that sleeping babies between 3 and 7 months can still hear while they're sleeping.  They used an MRI scanner to find out what parts of the brain were active when different sounds are being made.  They found out that the babies sleeping brains reacted similarly to adult wakeful brains.  You can check out the article to find out more at NewScientist.

Interested in finding out more tips about developing your baby's early literacy skills?  Come to Nursery Rhyme Time!  Nursery Rhyme Time happens EVERY Tuesday during the summer at 10:30 am or 12 noon.  Bring your pre-walking babies for songs, rhymes, stories, and developmentally appropriate play.  We'll share more early literacy tips during the program, and every so often we'll hand out more specific tips to take home.

See you then!

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