Monday, December 3, 2012

Children's Book Awards - We Want YOUR Votes!

It's that time again: Time for the Watertown Free Public Library Children's Book Award!  And we want YOUR opinion!  What was your favorite children's book that was published this year?

This is the second year for the WFPL Children's Book Award, and we want to make sure everyone gets to give their input!  Think about the books you've read this year:  Any standouts?  Any that you just had to read over and over and over?  Any that left you completely moved?  Let us know what they were?

Voting starts Wednesday (December 5) at our Children's Book Award Preview program!  Come by at 3:30pm to find out about some of the contenders.  (For kids in grades K-5 - no need to register.)  We'll talk about what YOU think makes a good book, we'll show you some of our favorites, and we'll give you a chance to tell us all about your favorites!  Then, throughout the winter season, we'll take your votes!

Maybe you'll find out about some newly published hits that will become your new favorites!  You won't want to miss it!

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