Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happy Library Snapshot Day!

Help us celebrate Library Snapshot Day by taking your picture in our DIY Photobooth!  It'll be set up all day today, so pop in and pose with some silly props!

Library Snapshot Day is a nation-wide initiative aimed at getting pictures of all the awesome things going on in libraries everywhere.  Here in Massachusetts, libraries are all picking dates throughout this week to get pictures of patrons enjoying the library.

Here at the Watertown Free Public Library, we've decided to do this by letting YOU take the photos!  We've set up a banner where we'd love it if you write something about why you love the library.  Then pose with a silly hat or funny prop and snap your photo.

Also throughout the week, we'll have a display where you can submit even more comments about the library.

Stop by today and check it out!

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