Monday, July 23, 2012

Yay Watertown! You've Given Geese!

Congratulations, Watertown readers!  We've attained our second reading goal.  Together, you've read over 1000 hours and that means we'll be donating a flock of geese to Heifer International, in addition to the flock of ducklings you donated when you reached 500 hours.

If you haven't signed up yet for Summer Reading, there's still time!  Come on in and get your own reading log that we'll keep here, and you'll get to stamp a box for every 15 minutes you spend reading (or being read to).  We'll keep track of all your hours, along with everyone else in the town, and work toward donating even more animals!

And if you have already been reading and helping us attain our hours, GREAT JOB!  Keep up all that reading and pretty soon we'll reach our next goal.  If we can collectively read 1500 hours we'll donate bunnies!  So keep reading!

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