Thursday, August 16, 2012

Book Review from a Parent

As you may remember, few months ago we had a bunch of Advanced Reader Copies of soon-to-be published books available for kids and parents to take home, review, and then keep.  Here's another one of those reviews from a local mom!

After the Kill by Darrin Lunde

"This book has beautiful illustrations that depict realistic events of the jungle.  Given all of the factual information, this book is probably best for late elementary readers, grades 4-6.  I look forward to reading this book with my son when he's a bit older."

If you have an ARC book at home, don't forget to bring in a review that you or your children write.  We don't currently have any more books to give away, but keep your eyes peeled because we probably will again in the future.

And be sure to come in and check out some of the books that have already been reviewed!

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