Monday, August 20, 2012

Only Two Days Left of Summer Reading!

All summer you've been reading and recording your hours, working toward our goals of donating animals to Heifer International.  So far, you've read over 1500 hours, and you've donating ducklings, geese, and rabbits.  And now you're almost there... on Wednesday, we'll hold our big Wrap-Up Party and we'll find out if we've read enough to donate a pig!

The fun will start with our Wednesday Special program at 2:00pm.  The Museum of Science will be here to tell us all about Super Cold Science!  You'll find out how all sorts of matter changes when its temperature is cooled to super cold temperatures! This program is geared towards kids entering grades K-5.

When the program is finishing up, we'll move into our Wrap-Up Party, which is for all ages.  That's when we'll finally announce the total number of hours we've read throughout the summer, and we'll find out if it's enough to donate a pig.  And then, of course, we'll eat cake!

(This is a picture of last year's cake.  But this year's cake will be equally delicious!)

And be sure you come into the library before the program on Wednesday to record any additional hours you've been reading.  That way your hours will count toward the grand total we announce at the party.  So mark your calendars!  You won't want to miss the culmination of all the reading you've been doing!  

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