Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Reading is just ONE WEEK away!

School's almost out, and you know what that means: Summer Reading's almost here!!

In just one week on Monday, June 24 we will kick off this year's Summer Reading program!  Be sure to come to the library at 3:00pm for our sign-up bash, and you'll get to be among the very first kids in Watertown to log your hours!

Can't make it Monday?  Don't worry, you'll be able to sign up and get your very own reading log anytime after the kick-off party starts, so come in anytime during our open hours and start recording those hours!

Just like last year, you'll get your very own reading log here at the library.  Every time you visit us, you'll get to stamp your log for every 15 minutes you've read since your last visit.  We'll keep track of all of our hours together, and when we reach certain goals we'll make donations to Heifer International.

Just like last year we'll keep track of our hours on the wall.  BUT instead of a thermometer, this year we'll keep track on a LLAMA!  If we reach our top goal of reading 2500 hours, we'll donate a llama to Heifer International, and so we'll do all of our hour tracking on our brand new Llama-mometer!

And of course, we'll have tons of awesome programs for kids of all ages!  Come in to the library to pick up a brochure, or check our online calendar of events to find out what's going on for kids your age!

We've also partnered with the Watertown Public Schools again to provide lists of Suggested Summer Reading Books for each grade.  We've got tons of copies of the books, so you should have plenty to keep you busy all summer.  Your teacher might give you a copy before school's out, or you can stop in at the library or find the lists online.

What else is going on?  Check out our Summer Reading Website to find out more about our reading program, Heifer International, and all of the fun events we've got planned!

And be sure to come to the library on Monday, June 24 at 3:00pm to be one of the first to sign up for Summer Reading!

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