Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Reading's Off to a Great Start!

(Our display of all our Summer Reading participants: Our Crayon Box of Readers!)

Our Summer Reading Program here at the Watertown Free Public Library officially started on Monday!  We had a kick-off party Monday afternoon and had a great turnout.  So far, in just the first five days, 222 kids have signed up to participate!

Kids who sign up get their very own reading log here at the library.  Every time they come to the library, we pull out their log and they get to put a stamp on it for every fifteen minutes they've read since the last time they visited the library.  All types of reading and reading-related activities count: reading on their own, being read to, listening to audio books, looking at the pictures in books, reading magazines... everything!

When kids sign up, they get to put their name on a paper crayon and add it to our wall display, our Crayon Box of Readers (check out the picture above).  For every hour they read, they'll get to put their name on a paper dinosaur, which we'll put up on the walls of our program room.  Over the course of the summer, kids will get to see their name up all over the Children's Room!

We're keeping track of all the hours we read together on our Llamamometer (check out a picture on our previous blog post!), and when we reach certain goals we'll make donations to Heifer International!  So far, even though they've just started logging their hours, the kids have already read 40 hours!

Kids who signed up this week also received a goody bag with a bookmark, a sticker, and some great information about our summer programs.  We've got 10 bags left, so the next 10 people to sign up will get one of these great bags, where you can carry your books all summer!

So be sure to come in and sign up to start logging your hours and help us get toward our ultimate goal of donating a llama to a family in need!  And if you've already signed up, keep reading!

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