Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Come see our new and improved play area!

Next time you stop in, you'll notice some delightful changes in our early literacy play area!

We've moved a few book collections in order to make space for some fun, developmentally appropriate activities.  Little ones can pull themselves up and work on their hand-eye coordination and small motor skills on our brand new wall-mounted bead maze and gear set.

We've also replaced our activity cube with a brand new one! There's still a well-loved bead maze on top, but the activities on the side are a little different, so you'll want to be sure to come in and try it out.

But where, you may ask, have the books gone?  The bookshelves that used to be along the walls have been removed.  Those books have been moved to the shelves where the board books used to be.  And, as you saw in the last post, we've added brand new shelving for our board books that keep them at eye level for our tiniest patrons.

And of course, we've still got our blocks for developing spatial relations and early engineering skills, and our puppet house for kids to work on imaginative play and narrative skills.  And guess what?  We've even purchased some new puppets!

These improvements and additions make our early literacy play area even more beneficial for our youngest customers, and of course more fun!  So be sure to stop in soon to check it out and play awhile.

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